Our Hygiene Program

We stress that teeth and their restorations thrive in a clean, healthy oral environment. Our licensed Dental Hygiene staff is very experienced and we can customize a hygiene plan to prevent new cavities, and maintain and keep teeth that have been restored before. We will inform you about which foods and habits will harm teeth and the gingival support, as well as review which medicaments and aids that we recommend to help your teeth last.

Depending on the severity of gingival disease we can attempt to treat and delay the loss of teeth to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease affects the bone and surrounding areas of our teeth. Food, bacteria, and their poisons can form pockets which can bleed and inflame an otherwise pink, healthy gum tissue. This can be painful, irritate, or loosen teeth and cause unhealthy bacteria and bad breath to overwhelm your mouth. We try to treat your gingival health in our office with deep cleanings like scaling and root planings. If necessary we will refer you to a periodontal specialist if we cannot further aid your periodontal health.