Dental Restorations

We use many different types of restorations to fill your teeth. These may include amalgam, composite (tooth colored) bondings, ceramic, and gold. The type and durability varies with the patient and where in the mouth they are placed. We try to make our restorations as cosmetic and natural looking as possible, not only with the front teeth, but with posterior teeth as well. Although more durable and less cosmetic material is sometimes more beneficial in a high load biting area, we will discuss the best options.


Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and caps are the same restoration. When a tooth is broken down or requires a large restoration, such as after a root canal procedure, it may need a crown coverage to protect it and ensure proper form and function. Our crowns are produced in our vetted laboratories, and made from newer materials like CAD/CAM all zirconium porcelains or traditional full gold crowns depending on the locations discussed above in Dental Restorations. Crowns can be used to restore an unaesthetic tooth and match the natural tooth colors surrounding them. Some crowns are linked together to form a bridge to replace previously extracted teeth for a fixed non-removable solution to open tooth spaces.

Dental Implants

Many times if a tooth or several teeth are missing, they can now be replaced with dental implants, an alternative to bridges or partial dentures. A specialist we trust can place an implant in the space where a tooth was removed and we can restore this area with a crown over the implant support. Implants are strong and preserve the teeth adjacent to them by allowing flossing and preventing any unnecessary tooth reductions. Additionally, implants can be great aids in retention of partial and full dentures that may be anchored more securely when teeth are missing. Please ask us to show you what implants can do for you.



Some teeth, because of damage by decay, accidental fractures, or periodontal (gum) disease, cannot be saved. When a tooth needs to be removed, we provide extractions utilizing local anesthesia.

Removable Partial Dentures

Removable bridges (partial and dentures) replace missing teeth and should be removed several times a day to clean under and around the missing teeth and to rest the gums at night. We offer many types of partials that you may be unfamiliar with, including non-metal flexible materials, that are lighter and more aesthetic, and may be right for you.

Complete Dentures

A Complete denture is a dental prosthetic that is a removable appliance to replace a full arch of missing dentition. Some patients have multiple infected and broken down teeth in their mouth that require extractions of the remaining teeth in an entire arch. After a series of appointments an immediate denture would be made in the lab. These patients would have the immediate denture placed the same day of the extractions, followed by a healing process. A new denture or reline would be completed once the soft and hard tissues have healed. Other patients do not have any teeth remaining and appointments would be completed to fabricate a conventional denture.